Writer vs Landlord round 1


One more indication that I’m starting to relinquish whatever control I had over my feelings: losing my shit at my landlord.

Now, one might think ‘well, that’s uncalled for’ and ‘you need to be nice to the people you rent from’ and unto that I will reply you can suck my dick.

My paraphrased conversation was as follows:

“This is apartment 4 on state street, my internet company said the house phone lines are damaged, is there something we can do?”



“That’s >>internet company’s<< problem”

u wot m8

No. No bitch. It’s your problem. That’s your little phone box attached to the house, with your house wires in it that your house rats chewed through and its your duty to fix that shit so that I can pay my bills and not have to fork over 200+ dollars a month to use my phone as a hotspot. Your problem. Yours. Tu problemo.

I know where you live you shit, don’t think I won’t drive to your house and take a dump on your doorstep.

Still, today was decent energywise. I didn’t nod off in the morning while waiting for the next truck to work on, which happened a lot on regular doses of lithium and zoloft. Still in a rather bad mood though it improved through the day and I was capable of making several lighter jokes before lunch. Still gonna beat the shit out of my partner for being a lazy fuckface, but we still managed to get out on time, so I’ll deal with my personal issues with this particular human in the privacy of my house alone.

Still blindingly mad at the landlord. Still considering lobbing a brick through his window.

UPDATE: So I’m gonna take care of this stupid garbage on my own, I have an uncle who’s willing to come down and poke at a bunch of tangled wires for me.

I had assumed that my landlord was planning on secretly evicting me after I got a text a few hours later that said, cryptically

“Saved, thank you”

Which I figured was code for “I have located your angry blog post on the internet/am aware that you are displeased and I am now looking for ways of removing you from your apartment” so for like a solid two hours I was in full panic mode thinking I was gonna be homeless until he finally texted me saying he hadn’t meant to send me that.

I’m still wondering if he’s trying to get rid of me though.


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