Well then


It may be time to end the experiment sooner than I thought. Turns out when you suffer a panic attack before work and have to call in, mixed with sleeping like the dead for sixteen hours straight, that’s a pretty decent sign that it may be time to medicate again. I still don’t have latuda, and I’m still super leery about getting it through the mail because I don’t trust humans and even though I’m like 90% sure you can’t get high off of it, I don’t want some dude I don’t know who’s not a pharmacist with his hands on my pills.

Tonight it’ll be back to the Lithium and zoloft as usual. Maybe then when I wake up in the morning I won’t feel compelled to lay paralyzed by fear in bed about moving around my house.

Also had several dreams about being infested by fleas and parasites, beats the hell out of me what that means.


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