Better than yesterday. I hadn’t cleaned the house in a while so I wiped things down, put away the dishes that were piling up, folded my laundry and cleaned up pieces of glass that I had missed yesterday. Told my psychiatrist about the shadows, he decided to up my latuda to 40 mg.

Turns out I had enough in this weeks paycheck to not only completely pay the rent, but also buy groceries. I still got a late notice in the mail about the car, but I told the bank to expect a payment next Thursday on the dot so they can stop shitting their pants about their goddamn 215 dollars. They can drive over here and suck my fucking dick, they know when they’re getting their money now.

Lithium has been ordered again, haven’t gotten a nasty gram telling me that I don’t deserve to be medicated because I can’t shit out 45 dollars on command. I didn’t have to fork over 45 dollars for latuda before when I got it from wallyworld, I guess putting a stamp on it makes it worth more.

Still, today is better than yesterday. It poured and snowed today and the roof didn’t leak brown shit again so I guess that’s a good sign. Maybe I’ll actually get a full nights sleep tonight too, considering I don’t have to wake up at 9 AM tomorrow.

I just want to know who the fuck is running a rotary saw at 11:45 PM right now.


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