The fuck guys


This is what I get for making friends with severely left wing fanatics.

Yes, I get it. Trump is bad news. No one likes Trump on any of my social media timelines. Fuck, I don’t like him either.

But you know, TpYNDNG LkeikE yoIERNR INEAND EARlDFNTHquAKE isn’t really the way to express disappointment. And that’s what it is. Disappointment. We’re disappointed. In the end we’ll just have a cheeto colored dude from Jersey who can’t get along with congress or the senate and can’t get anything done, and gets to go overseas and make us all look like tools for four years.

He’s a dick. He’s an ass. He’s a dry dick in a dry ass, but he isn’t lethal. Just exceedingly uncomfortable and we’re gonna regret bending over for this so enthusiastically after a while and when he’s done we’ll make shitty jokes about it.

In the mean time, I’m staying way the hell off social media, because I don’t want to see gloating, and I don’t want to see shaking and sobbing and vomiting while rocking in the fetal position. Neither of these will make me feel good.

Instead, I’m going to happily go back to ignoring politics.

This entire election was gross and both candidates were garbage.


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