Okay so I may have had like three too many but one of my biggest regrets is not actually having sex with my first boyfriend. I kind of wish I’d gotten seriously drunk and had sex with him, if only so I could really tell for real if I’d like it or not. I don’t honestly know, as I’ve never had it, and I don’t think I ever will since the only men who ever hit on me are old guys my dads age and I have like 9/10s of a semblance of standards.

Like just enough standards to not sleep with a guy in a truck.

Like maybe a young guy with a truck.

Anyway, feel free to disregard this post as it is entirely smashed as am I. I need to buy stamps.

The daily fuckup journal is working well. I was also moved to a more weld heavy area of the shop so at least I’ll finally be able to get some hood time at work, rather than sit in front of a robot and touch myself for eight hours.

I don’t know what robot operators do. I wasn’t trained for this.

I’ll post later when I’m more sober.


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