Still having money problems.  I just can’t seem to stop spending it the moment I get it. I even tried not to spend all that much this time but instead ended up spending all of it because I was behind a payment with my car. Rather than lose my car, I’ll take being penniless for another week.

I’m still behind a payment with my rent, hopefully I’ll have that squared away by December, and at least I know for a fact I have about 120 dollars coming for me from selling some of my artwork.

Fridge is still broken, land lord wont listen to me, maybe I’d be more inclined to keep up on rent if my food was still edible and my floor wasn’t oozing water. But I have the cheap room so when I complain that doesn’t mean shit I guess.

Work is going fine now that I’ve been moved, and I’ve even begun to repair bad welds on tractors that pass by me and weld on right hand attachments. It could be better, but it could also be worse. I’ve at least learned how to not spend so much money on food for the week (considering the fridge is broken, it’s hard not to save money since all I can buy is dry single serve foods).

Maybe next week my land lord will remember that my fridge is broken. For now, happy thanksgiving. I have to wake up early tomorrow so I can put my face on and go visit relatives. It should be fun if there’s things to drink there other than wine. I have no idea why no one brings soda to parties in my family anymore.


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