Keep going



It was a goodish weekend, save for the looming fact that I’m a payment behind on my bills. I need to buy snow tires and it’s a slushy icy mess outside, but at least my turkey I was cooking came out well.

The book of positive reinforcement is going well too, though I didn’t write in it at all this weekend. I hope I remember it tomorrow. I’m not sleeping as much as I used to, I’m definitely getting up earlier and sleeping less deeply now that I’ve cut my ambien in half. I’d like to hope this is an indication of remission, rather than a sign that I’m heading towards mania. As you all might have noticed, I got terrifically drunk the night prior.

I was quietly, one person, celebrating a recent move I made in the shop to a more work heavy section, where even if I’m not doing welding 100% of the time, I’m still welding 100% more than I usually would be had I been working in the station I’m usually at. Hopefully I’ll finally get to show everyone that I don’t suck at my job and that I’m a decent goddamn welder.

Someone bought some of my artwork for $120 dollars, and that’s going directly towards getting me some new tires for my car. I can only hope that I can get all four new tires by this wednesday, even if I don’t get my money from the art by then. Hopefully this new ‘saving money’ trend will keep going and I’ll feel less inclined to blow every cent I have on useless stupid shit like paid icon time and personal art of characters I’ve made up.

I’d really like to be able to buy at least a few christmas presents this month or this coming month.

Hopefully things will stay pretty normal as long as I keep up with the medication regimen.