Back to the Point



It’s been a fairly good two weeks. My Latuda was upped to 60 mg, and I was told to start cutting back on ambien. This would be an easier transition if the roof wasn’t being worked on, and every morning I had to wake up at the ass crack of dawn after staying up until 3 AM because the roofers can only get shingles off by riverdancing on the roof while juggling sledgehammers.

I don’t know how roofing works, I’m not a roof scientist.

Work is still occasionally stressful what with first shift Captain Buttfuck McJizzbreath booby trapping everything for me on second and hiding parts I need to complete the job. He decided to leave me a nasty letter on the computer today telling me where I can and cannot put completed parts.

If I see something on it tomorrow about not leaving him an open pallet I’m gonna find his locker and shit in it. Fucker didn’t leave me any pallets this afternoon and I was gracious enough to have four dropped off, all he has to do is call a trucker.

Fucking goateed vagina mouthed assnugget.

Lithium is going steady, no more zoloft, the doctor was considering adding prozac but I’m kind of hoping he doesn’t do it if only because I don’t want to live my life in fast forward.

Roof is no longer leaking, car payments are to date, I just have to make it to thursday to pay off the last bit of my car insurance for the month and I should be okay. Energy levels are pretty low though considering I haven’t been getting a lot of sleep.

Lack of the usual dose of ambien has caused nightmares, mostly about being stalked or watched. I’d really rather not drag my needless paranoia into all of my dreams, I’d like night night sleepy time to be a time devoted to either being blacked out or flying.